Importance of Art and Music Education


Despite its downward progression among learning institutions, art and music education still continues to prove relevant in the pursuit of learning and acquiring knowledge. Case in point, from inception of education till now, nursery, kindergarten and tertiary teachers still use symbols, drawings, learning apparatus (plasticine and thread beads) to  develop the visual and learning abilities of both children and adults.  Other values of art and music education below:


Promotes Cultural identity

Since the medieval age, art and music have continuously been used as the major channel to enhance peoples understanding of their culture and heritage. Through use of pictures, symbols, instruments or even and drama, you can therefore learn to appreciate roots cultural roots thereby cementing your cultural identity.


Helps in Coordination

Learning to play musical instruments and other forms of drawing can help you improve on your eye coordination which is important in performing both home and work related activities.


Encourages Innovation

Encouraging your children to participate in art and music helps them to develop into adults who can think independently and express themselves fully, without fear. Consequently, this helps in creating a society of forward thinking individuals. Such individuals also tend to take more risks which is a vital part in driving any counties innovative agenda.


Helps in Relaxation

Many students compete to pass exams. This created a lot of stress as everyone is seeking to be better than the other. Participating in art or music activities like listening to music or drawing can help in this as it has been able to assist students release stress.



Educating children and adults through use of art and music is beneficial as it helps in promoting: innovativeness, cultural identity, visual coordination, relaxation among others.



The relevance of art and music education in today’s world cannot be understated. To appreciate how relevant it is in today’s life will require you to do a bit of research.