What you must know about the top escorts in UK

Escorts-in-UKIf you are looking for a top escort in the UK, chances are that you’ll rush online to Google and research on the best escort agencies. You look at the photos, details, rates; but that’s not always enough. There are several things you must know if you wish to get the best call girl in the UK;

Know their specialty; Some top escorts in the UK, like those found at Dolls and Roses, offer a wide range of services; others specialize in offering specific services like out calls or in calls. Thus, if you want the top escort to come to your place, or visit her at the agency, this is one the first things you should always consider.

Reputation; there have been cases of clients who paid for a top escort, but what they got was a plain, normal call girl. Know what you want, and let the escort agency say whether they can deliver. At Dolls and Roses, we keep our world; we provide clients with what we promise and all our top escort’s profiles are regularly updated.

Booking; in this day and age of technology it’s easy to book VIP escorts, the top escorts should be accessible online! For instance at Dolls and Roses, are the VIP and top Class escorts have their contacts online, including real time phone numbers. You can thus speak to them, and get to really ask them anything you wish to!

Intelligent; you’ll be surprised to perhaps note that most of the top escorts in the UK are intelligent women, most of them university graduates or models in the fashion industry. The VIP escorts we offer at Dolls and Roses are sharp, some are actually multi lingual and can speak several languages. Thus whether you speak German, Indian, French, chances are that at Dolls and Roses, you’ll find a beauty who speaks your language with ease.


Dolls and Roses is your number one home for the top escorts in the UK.

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A Quick Overview Of Magic Shows In London

In London today, magic is becoming a more popular source of entertainment for many citizens, with magicians all over the world touring and performing in different venues across the City. The media has helped greatly in showcasing this magnificent skill by exposing talents and works of various performing magicians.

The various platforms used include television programs which run weekly featuring programmes or episodes featuring magicians. Online platforms like websites and blogs are also a great tool used by these amazing performers where they mostly own individual websites where they post their profiles, contents like videos and also advertise their shows as well as contacts for booking purposes. Books, magazines and journals on magic are available at book stores and libraries all over London.

If you’re looking for a magic show in London, then don’t look far since it’s just one click away. Several theatres across London organize and manage these events daily, weekly or even monthly targeting different ages and groups of audience. Spectacular performances by professional artists are displayed which feature world’s best performers either touring London or those home based.

Magician services are also available for hire whether for private events like weddings and parties or for corporate events.


Several methods are used in performance depending on the kind of event, the setting, and the audience. These methods include close up magicians (also called round table magic) where the artist performs to groups of 8-10 persons sitting round their table and hops to another table to perform to a different group. In this way, every person has at least a clear chance of viewing the magic live from his table.


In case you have a large audience and enough space, a much complicated stunt on stage is the best. In London, this is very common especially in theatres across the city. Well if you were looking for a magic show, there you know exactly what to do.