Modern Music Industry

The modern music industry is taking the world by storm. This is partly because the industry has diverse genres of music. In today’s world artistes from diverse cultural settings are realizing hit songs in honor of their culture. There music therefore has a long shelf life. This means that it remains relevant to the masses for long periods of time.FreeVector-Modern-Music-Vector-Design

Like all good things in life, the modern music industry has its advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore very important to keep them in mind.  This helps to maintain sanity in the society. When dealing with affairs of an industry it is only prudent that you are aware of all its elements with an in-depth knowledge.


Some of the advantages of the modern music industry include;

  1. Flexibility-The modern music industry is very flexible. There is nothing written in stone. Artistes are free to exercise liberal thought and act as such in conceptualizing their music. They can also modify and generate genres at will.
  2. High quality music–today there are state of the art recording labels where artistes can produce high quality music.
  3. It is relatively cheap- due to increase in modernization today, the production costs of music have gone down considerably. It is cheaper than it was a few years ago.
  4. It is educative- most artistes in the modern music industry produce music with educational talent. Their music therefore disseminates to its audience important information about delicate issues like sexuality and other current affairs in society.

The disadvantages include;

  • The modern music industry is promoting promiscuity. Most of the videos being released into the market are showcasing promiscuous tendencies and justifying them.
  • The industry is also promoting drug and substance abuse.
  • Talent is also being suppressed greatly by the industry.


The modern music industry is very productive and the cash flow is high. Although it may have its weaknesses, the advantages outweigh them by far.


It’s important for everyone to support the modern music industry. It is a very crucial part of modern culture. By supporting it you are preserving a legacy for future generations.


Modern Arts for Modern World

Modern art refers to a set of ideas that are constantly evolving several sculptors, painters, writers, and performers who, individually and collectively look for new approaches to art-making. Modern art began around 1850 when realism was introduced, after which, different styles and approaches of art were shaped and reshaped up until the 20st century. Practitioners of each new style were of modern art determined to develop a visual language that was both unique, creative as well as a representation of the times. There are various movements which are associated with modern art namely: Cubism Impressionism, Surrealism, Bauhaus, Futurism, Op Artas well as Pop Art.


Modern Arts for Modern World

Modern art tends to reject the past as a model for the art of the present and is therefore mainly characterized by constant innovation. Modern Art grew out of the Impressionist’s rejection of the ‘imitation of life’ school of art. Their emphasis on the act of painting, on the paint itself, can be seen in the Expressionist and Cubist art of the turn-of-the-century.  Social and political agendas are what drove modern art. These were often Utopian, and modernism was in general associated with ideal visions of human life and society and a belief in progress.

From the 1970’s artists and movements began to react against Modernism and post-modernism was formed.

Post modernism is a late-20th-century movement in the arts, architecture, and criticism that originated from modernism as described above.  It includes skeptical interpretations ofart, culture, philosophy, economics, fiction, architecture, history, literature, and literary criticism. Post modernism is usually associated with post-structuralism as well as deconstruction because of the fact that its usage as a term that gained significant popularity as well as twentieth-century post-structural thought.


From the above, you can clearly define modern, postmodernism which originated from modern art as well as the origin of modern art.


We can conclude that most art comfortably fits into reflecting the culture of its time as we can see in the case of modern art and postmodernism. It is a fact that art trends as well as current social issues in the modern world are what drive artists to create their work.

Importance of Art and Music Education


Despite its downward progression among learning institutions, art and music education still continues to prove relevant in the pursuit of learning and acquiring knowledge. Case in point, from inception of education till now, nursery, kindergarten and tertiary teachers still use symbols, drawings, learning apparatus (plasticine and thread beads) to  develop the visual and learning abilities of both children and adults.  Other values of art and music education below:


Promotes Cultural identity

Since the medieval age, art and music have continuously been used as the major channel to enhance peoples understanding of their culture and heritage. Through use of pictures, symbols, instruments or even and drama, you can therefore learn to appreciate roots cultural roots thereby cementing your cultural identity.


Helps in Coordination

Learning to play musical instruments and other forms of drawing can help you improve on your eye coordination which is important in performing both home and work related activities.


Encourages Innovation

Encouraging your children to participate in art and music helps them to develop into adults who can think independently and express themselves fully, without fear. Consequently, this helps in creating a society of forward thinking individuals. Such individuals also tend to take more risks which is a vital part in driving any counties innovative agenda.


Helps in Relaxation

Many students compete to pass exams. This created a lot of stress as everyone is seeking to be better than the other. Participating in art or music activities like listening to music or drawing can help in this as it has been able to assist students release stress.



Educating children and adults through use of art and music is beneficial as it helps in promoting: innovativeness, cultural identity, visual coordination, relaxation among others.



The relevance of art and music education in today’s world cannot be understated. To appreciate how relevant it is in today’s life will require you to do a bit of research.